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Why to love pre-loved

Why To Love Pre-loved

The era of conscious living

I meet with people time to time who have preconceived ideas about second hand clothing in general… It’s okay not to be loving the idea of wearing someone else’s items at first. Especially if we have plenty of funds to afford gorgeous clothing. But is it possible to change our minds and understand a bit more about why to embrace pre-loved?


It is not about how wealthy you are. It is about your mind set. It is about you, how connected you are with everything around you and how much you understand that our resources are finite! Imagine that 1 t-shirt to make, you need as many litres of water as your drinking needs for years. And with an increasing world population by the minute, that is a scary thought.

Fashion is fast and furious

Who sets the trends? Are you brave enough to be the trend setter? If you follow certain influencers, there is very little awareness behind promoting endless styles and seasonal changes. Your looks are actually not the most important. You are sexy and inspiring if you use your head and stop giving into the fast changing seasonal trends without a conscience. How would you feel, if you met the people who make your items, seeing them living in abject poverty and being exploited beyond measures. Can I tell you, many women and children work for close to nothing in inhumane conditions, using chemicals which can be hazardous to their health. Think again, what kind of trends are you setting?

Check your label

As I am growing older and I am more tuned in within myself, I cannot stand synthetic fabric on my skin. Try this experiment: watch the difference during your day when you are dressed in pure organic cotton ( hopefully you have some of them in your cupboard) observe yourself and how you feel. Do the same when wearing items made from synthetic, chemically infused plastic. Your whole energetic system changes. Write down your experience. I guarantee, you will be surprised!

Environment before ego

You could ask? Now what does my ego have to do with this? A lot actually. Your self importance and self-respect shall be in harmony with the whole. Make the relationship sustainable. Make it a love affair and a caring liaison. Educate yourself about the impact of what we wear, how often we wear it, where does it end up after we wear them. Get to know the real facts; after all, fashion is one of the biggest polluter in our world today. In the West, very few % of clothing and textile recycled properly, tons and tons end up in the landfill. Petroleum-based fibers that don’t easily decompose (such as polyester, nylon, and acrylic), they’re going to need decades to disappear.

Pre-loved is better for you

You feel good about yourself and you feel part of the whole. If you are lucky, you will find your favourite pre-loved vendor and keep going back for more, and giving back some more if you come to Chic Mamas Do Care, for example. But this is not only about us. It is about all of us, to be more individualistic, self-contained and self-confident in our actions and customs. We can change our behaviours for creating better societies. We can priorities the greater good over our self- interests.

Let’s shift the way we picture pretty. Let’s re-think what is attractive. Let’s get ready to love pre-loved.

With Love,


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